Gift Guide: Newborns (0-3 months)

So a friend or family member just had a baby and you’re wondering what type of gift to send or take with you when you visit?  Or maybe you’re just looking for some new ideas for your own little one?  You’ve come to the right place!  Below is a list of modestly-priced gifts that we found useful in those newborn days!  Of course, you can always bring along a lovely handmade gift if you have a special talent (e.g. knitting, cooking, cross-stitching, painting) or give the new parents the gift of your time.  Leave a comment with your favorite newborn gifts!

1.  Floor Time Blankets

Little ones spend lots of time on the floor building up physical strength and stamina.  I love nice, comfy blankets for floor play.  These are two of my favorites:

2.  Hooded Towels


Not only are they adorable but they are also functional!  We have used them from the time our guy was born and continue to use them now at 1 year +. How cute are these?

If you’re not a last-minute shopper and have time to order a personalized gift, check out the fantastic selection at Pottery Barn Kids.  They have a variety of other gift items that can also be personalized!

3.  High-Contrast Books

High-contrast books are claimed to capture an infant’s attention and provide baby with a unique visual experience.  Here are a few (of many) options:

4.  Stuffed Animals


JELLYCAT:  This brand offers a variety of designs that are adorable and high-quality!  We own several and thoroughly love them!  Jellycat stuffed animals are available in a variety of baby-related stores and on Amazon.  Here are just a handful of their painfully sweet options:

Note:  Jellycat also makes animal-themed touch-and-feel books, so you can potentially purchase both a stuffed animal and its corresponding book.  Check out their books here.

BEARS FOR HUMANITY:  This company offers 100% certified organic stuffed animals that have been stuffed and hand-sewn by at-risk women and mothers in the U.S.  For every bear purchased, one will be donated to a child in need.  You also have the option to send a personalized note to the child receiving the donated bear.  How great is that?

GUND:  While this company offers a wide variety of fabulous standard stuffed animals, they also offer a few interactive animals.  These are fun entertainment for little babes and are great to use during tummy time!  My favorites are:

5.  Touch-and-Feel Books

Touch-and-feel books are great early book options for babies.  They encourage exploration and expose babes to a variety of textures.  My two favorite touch-and-feel collections:

6.  Baby-Friendly Photo Album

We were gifted a few baby photo albums early on and they have remained fan favorites!  Consider filling in some photos for the recipient to add an extra personal touch.  Here are some nice options:

7.  Tummy Time Toys


While a baby’s loved ones are usually the best tummy time motivators, below are a two products that can help out:

8.  Soft Books

These are great first books for babies and most love the soft (and usually crinkly) feel.  I am a fan of these options:

9.  Rattles, Lovies, and Pacifiers

You can’t go wrong with these baby classics!  Another reason to choose these gifts?  It doesn’t matter if baby already has them!  When it comes to rattles, lovies, and pacifiers, the more, the merrier!  Here are some popular options:

10.  Simple Cause-Effect Toys

While a newborn will not be able to play with these toys right away, their caregivers can certainly use them to entertain baby (and they can be great for tummy time!)  There are lots of options out there – here’s a short list:


I hope you’ve found this list helpful!  If so, please spread the love by sharing it!  Leave a comment to share your favorite newborn gifts!  Happy shopping!


Note: I recommend that babies always play under the supervision of an adult.  These products are suggestions only.  Parents generally know their children best and must use judgment to determine what is appropriate and safe.


Written by Ashley Abeles



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