DIY Toddler Photo Albums

Like many parents these days, we live several hours away from our closest family member. Thankfully, modern technology helps us stay in touch and allows Muffin Man to remotely interact with family!

In order to help him learn and remember his long-distance family members, I created him this homemade photo album. “Reading” his album is now one of his favorite activities! As we flip through the book, I label the people who love him and encourage him to make approximations of their names (i.e., expressive identification). Sometimes I remove the rings and place 2-3 photos in front of him and ask him to “touch/find/show me” different people (i.e., receptive identification). This has been a fun, individualized play and teaching tool for us!

Interested in making your own?  Read on…


  • Computer w/ Microsoft Word
  • Printer/paper
  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Binding rings or another binding tool, like yarn (I used these)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)
  • Laminator (I use an older model of this one)
  • Hole puncher


  1. Download this Photo Album Template
  2. Insert your own names and photographs into the template
  3. If you need additional pages, simply copy and paste the existing pages
  4. Print template
  5. Cut out album pages
  6. Optional: glue album pages onto construction paper, then cut into pages, leaving a construction paper border (this adds additional color and also strengthens the pages, making them more difficult to bend or tear)
  7. Laminate the pages
  8. Cut pages out of laminate, leaving a small border of laminate around each page (this helps them to remain sealed)
  9. Punch binding holes at top and bottom left of pages
  10. Bind pages using rings or another binding tool (e.g., yarn) – Be sure to use a binding tool that is safe for your child
  11. Enjoy with your child!

If you share your albums on social media, please tag Muffin Man’s Mama on Facebook and @themuffinmansmama on Instagram!  Be sure to follow me there too!




Note:  it is important to assess the safety of this album for your child.  Parental judgment must be used to determine when and if it is appropriate, what materials are safe, and whether or not it may be used without parental supervision.  Your child’s safety is always the top priority!

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