About Me

I am the proud (and tired!) mama of an amazing 1-year-old named Owen and an adopted four-legged baby named Leland.  We live together with my husband, Brian, smack in the middle of New York City!

Prior to full-time mom-ing, I was full-time teaching and advancing my education.  I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Education, and Public Policy and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.  I am New York State certified in both general and special education (birth-grade 2).  I have also completed some post-graduate coursework in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

When I am not with Owen, I continue to provide part-time special education services, primarily to students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  I have been involved in the field of education for approximately 10 years now and sincerely believe in every child’s ability to learn.  I also believe that learning can and should be fun!  After all, in the words of Maria Montessori, “play is the work of children.”

When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease several years ago, I took a new interest in health and wellness.  I began learning more about healthy eating and, over time, built a library of nutritious recipes.  Now that I have a very hungry toddler to feed, I continue to explore new recipes that will keep the whole family full and happy – even my little Muffin Man!

As an early childhood educator and new-ish mom, I’ve learned a few hard but essential lessons (okay, more than a few!)  One thing I’ve realized is that parenting truly does take a village, or at least it should!  While it’s wonderful and rewarding, it’s also hard!  This job can fill your heart and then break it into a million pieces.  It can make you feel alone even though you’re never alone.  It can seem like you have it all together one minute and that it all falls apart the next.  Yes, this job is fantastic and beautiful, but it’s also messy (with an extra side of mess!)   You know what else is a mess sometimes?  This mama!  And I bet you are sometimes too.

Why did I create this blog?

I started this blog because we all come to parenthood with different experiences and skill sets.  We all have something to offer, and we all have something to borrow.  Why not join forces to support one another?  That’s what this blog is all about – building a village.  Because we ALL need a village!

As a special educator, I have knowledge in the areas of child development and learning.  With a hobby of cooking healthy dishes, I have developed a knack for creating meals that are both nutritious and delicious.  As a mom and Postpartum Anxiety and Depression survivor, I know what it’s like to encounter rough waters, to feel yourself drowning, and to learn how to keep swimming.  This is what I bring to the table.

This blog is my contribution to the parenting potluck, if you will.  I hope you’ll stick around and become one of my…village people!