Full disclosure: for most of my life, i was not a breakfast eater (gasp!)  In fact, the thought pexels-photo-949069.jpegof eating in the morning made me nauseous.  I was happy to drink a nice big cup of coffee and hold off until lunch.  Because I had multiple doctors and health gurus emphasize the importance of eating breakfast, I started making a conscious effort to do so.  Because the thought of eating in the morning sounded completely unappealing, I started small and ate just a few bites of something I liked (e.g. banana, bran muffin).  I gradually built up the amount and am now not only able to eat breakfast but I actually want to eat breakfast.  Below are some breakfast recipes that both Muffin Man and I enjoy (only he gets served from adorable plates!)



Avocado and raspberries, oatmeal, spinach-broccoli-Asiago omelet