Although we are not a vegetarian family, we do lean in that direction (especially me).  I often describe myself as Vegan-ish.  Basically what I mean by this is that I primarily eat a plant-based diet and occasionally throw in some fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese.  This is carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes.jpgessentially the diet that Muffin Man follows as well.   For his meals, I tend to focus on plant-based options but go a little heavier on the animal products than I do for myself.  This is what works for us.  What works for you might be different – and that’s okay!  Regardless of what you choose to eat and serve, I think we can all agree that more plants in our diet would do us good!  Below are some of our favorite vegetarian recipes.  Let me know how they work out for your family!

Note:  Some of these recipes contain animal products (e.g. egg, cheese, milk).